Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kill It Kid Album Review: 'You Owe Nothing'

Written for Gigslutz:

kill it kid

Album Review: Kill It Kid – ‘You Owe Nothing’

Kill It Kid are back, and better than ever, with a brand new, meteoric album, following their previous releases – Kill It Kid and Feet Fall Heavy. In Spring 2013 the band headed to Los Angeles to start working on their third studio album, which was released earlier this month: You Owe Nothing is a guitar-driven album, full of heavy drums and grungey tones. This album is undeniably, heavily influenced by legendary grunge group, Nirvana and – at times – delivers punk-inspired offerings.

Their lead single from the album, ‘I’ll Be The First’, opens with an enticing clap that descends into lead singer, Chris Turpins, huskily chant throughout the song. The harmonies in this song are both calm and restrained, contrasting perfectly with the furious lead vocals, depicting the band’s versatility very well.

There is more to this album though; whilst the grungey, bluesy Bath four-piece offer a number of raw and raucous tracks, including ‘Don’t It Feel Good’ and ‘Sick Case Of Loving You’, others – such as ‘Cheap Revival’ – deliver a fresh take on rock with a beat you can’t resist dancing to. Then there are the softer, more mellow, songs from the album: ‘Tried Used Loved Abused’ and ‘Caroline’.

This sing-along, hard rock album flows with utter perfection, and has tunes for every mood –  whether you want to rock out, or chill out, there’s something for you.  The lyrics scream heartbreak and struggle, in an unexpected way, coming from its genre. Each track – whatever its mood –  is refreshingly honest and totally real.

Kill It Kid just keep getting better, and I  highly recommend giving You Owe Nothing a listen. You certainly won’t be disappointed listening to this excellent album.

You Owe Nothing is out now, via Sire/Warner Records.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Outfit of the Night

Black fedora
Black sheer sleeved top
Black and white tartan mini skirt
Black over the knee socks
Black creepers
Pimkie winter coat

Thursday, 20 November 2014


HELLO readers,

I am excited to tell you that i am a new writer for As my first review for the site, i was asked to review 'Octavians' new song, "Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Don't". It was published today and i should hopefully be writing for the website more!

 (check it out here)


Friday, 31 October 2014

The Strypes @ The Savoy, Cork 25/10/14

 On Saturday the 25th of October, Grace and I left for Cork to go to The Strypes gig in the Savoy Nightclub. It was on as part of the Cork Jazz Festival.
 At about 6 o'clock we got to hear soundcheck, then we queued for a bit and got into the venue. It was a really nice venue and I'd definitely go back, the balcony looked really cool but we decided to go to standing instead! We got front row in the centre and there was no barrier, so you could hop on the stage if you didn't care being thrown out by security..
 The opening act was 'Leading Armies',they definitely had unique dance moves but I can't even remember what they sounded like....we were there for The Strypes.
After we caught a glimpse of Pete at the side of the stage, they came on stage. They opened with one of my all time favourite songs: What A Shame, and then into So They Say. Evan was wearing sunglasses which was surprising since he's only worn them on stage once or twice before (I think?).
 The highlight of the set list has got to of been 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo', it was crazy and the whole front row were tossing Pete around while he crowdsurfed for ages.
 We were right in front of Ross for the whole gig, he gave us the mic, leaned down really close and gave me his guitar pic!
 They did a cover of 'Spoonful' and dedicated it to Jack Bruce, which was lovely.
 Josh used his usual excellent stage presence techniques.....eye contact, letting the crowd touch his guitar and his hand. (This was very entertaining during Blue Collar Jane).
 It was a crazy, electric, energetic and EPIC gig, not a surprise coming from The Strypes! 
 Afterwards we were chatting to them outside their tourbus and they liked the little presents we gave them. Josh insisted on taking a picture with the flash on, that's why our picture is so bright ha! Their manager is a legend too and gave us some posters, and told us some inside information about upcoming gigs and such...
 What a fun 13th gig!


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween Look 2014: Maleificent

 So it's October and if you didn't already know, I love Halloween. This year I decided to dress up as Maleificent from the recent Disney movie starring Angelina Jolie.
 I made the horn hat,collar and choker. The rest of the clothes were either borrowed or my own.
 Yesterday in school we had a Halloween fun day and I won best costume for the second year in a row! I'm so pleased with that. 
 The hat is made from toilet roll cardboard,wire,paper bags,duct tape, a hairband and electrical tape.
Today in art class I painted my friend Chloe's face inspired by the joker from batman:

what are you dressing up as for Halloween? C:

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Jake Bugg @ The Olympia Theatre, Dublin. 13/10/14

   I went to see Jake Bugg in The Olympia on Monday the 13th of October and it was a very memorable gig. It is definitely in my top 3 gigs yet.
 Firstly, myself and Grace got great spots in the pit-(left side of the barrier.) The music playing waiting for him to come on stage was very fitting to my music taste; The Smiths, Oasis, and some more classics.
 'Southern' were the Opening Act. (A two-piece band from Northern Ireland, bit ironic?).
They were good i must admit, no one likes being introduced to new music after queuing and waiting around for one of your favourite artists,but-they were tolerable, catchy and had their own style.
 When Jake walked on stage the room lifted with excitement. He was keeping things simple as usual, (just a tshirt and jeans). He performed one of the best setlists i've ever seen. It was a perfect arrangement of songs.
 He opened with 'Messed Up Kids', (one of his best songs), thanked the audience and then straight into 'Seen It All'. (another awesome song). After 'Storm Passes Away', 'Trouble Town' and ''Me & You', he sang 'Two Fingers'. One of my favourite songs of all time. It was a magical 3 minutes and it was one of those moments you never want to end.
 After two more of his songs he slowed things down. Briefly introduced himself and explained that the next song was a new one he had been working on. 'Looking Down The Avenue' was such a lovely song. I really hope he releases a new album soon and that is a single.
 After two more songs he sang another new one, 'I Gotta Hold On You'. It was more upbeat than the previous songs and it was the perfect lift to the night. He was so grateful to his fans and that was obvious throughout the entire night.
 'Slide' and 'Simple Pleasures' were beautiful, and then things sped up again... he played 'What Doesn't Kill You'! I was so happy to hear this live because it wasn't on the set list at Marlay Park last Summer.
 He smugly said 'this is my last song, and you'll all know it's the one you came to hear'. His hit song 'Lightning Bolt' closed the gig nicely.
 Jake SMASHED it in Dublin, and i was lucky enough to be there.
                                                      That was an amazing 12th gig.

Also, before the gig, my friends and i were watching them set up the stage and got a picture with Tom a.k.a Robbo, his super friendly bass player.
At one stage of the day, two police men walked past and said 'Who are you going to see girls?' we told them it was Jake Bugg's gig. One said to the other 'I've never heard of him'. The other replied with 'Yes you have, you know, Lightning Bolt! *hand gestures of a guitar*. It was really funny, and proof that going to gigs early is so fun.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October Music

  Albums i have been loving include;
Hozier's self-titled album. If you haven't heard 'Take Me To Church' by now you must be living under a rock! My favorite songs from him album at the moment are 'From Eden' and 'Jackie and Wilson'.
 Catfish and the Bottlemen's album, 'The Balcony'. They have a similar sound to The Fray and The Wombats! I've been liking their song 'Kathleen' at the moment.

From Eden//Hozier
Kathleen//Catfish and the Bottlemen
Naive//The Kooks
Jenny Don't Be Hasty//Paolo Nutini
Don't//Ed Sheeran
Shake It Off//Taylor Swift
Leave My Woman Alone//The Strypes (cover)
Taking Over//Miles Kane
Budapest//George Ezra
Simple Pleasures//Jake Bugg
She Way Out//The 1975
Meeting Place//The Last Shadow Puppets

(PLUS last years halloween playlist that i will be repeating this year closer to the end of the month!)