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Album Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Album Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lorde is one of the most famous vocalists in music today, since releasing her album Pure Heroine, and being named among Times most influential teenagers in the world in 2013. Consequently, it was a pleasant surprise to all Hunger Games fans when she was chosen to curate the soundtrack for the highly anticipated film. The result is clearly a well thought through album, with an eerie, subversive,dark and enchanting vision clear throughout.
In comparison with the previous film soundtracks there is much more variety in the artists involved, including CHVRCHES, Ariana Grande and Tove Lo, with the standout tracks including ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ (Lorde), ‘Dead Air’  (CHVRCHES) and ‘All My Love’ (Major Lazer and Ariana Grande).
The soundtrack is very closely connected with the characters from the film, with artists seemingly writing from Katniss’ perspective and getting her strength and independence across. In ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ (written and performed by Lorde) she gets inside Katniss’ head and writes about the characters situation in the recent film, covering love triangles and near death experiences:I’m a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm / And the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold,”. This line is soon followed by the chilling chorus: “This is the start of how it all ends / They used to shout my name, now they whisper it”. The lyrical content of this lead song from the album is excellent and showcases Lordes poetic, unusual songwriting beautifully.
‘Dead Air’ by CHVRCHES is an electronic pop track, which works brilliantly for such a futuristic and fantasy film franchise. It has a club dance beat to it-with a fun ’80s twist. Keeping in with the modern and futuristic theme. The chorus is extremely catchy and will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. ‘All My Love’ is another electropop number and was co-written by Lorde, MØ and Ariana Grande. It’s quite upbeat and is much different to the rest of the tracks on the album.
All material from the album works solidly together, although the songs (apart from the standout ones) might not be as commended individually, however if you like electronic/pop music (and the Hunger Games films) you will love this soundtrack from one of the years biggest blockbuster films.
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out now via Republic Records.

Album Review: The Art of McCartney

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Album Review: The Art of McCartney

It was no surprise that a tribute album to former Beatles member, Paul McCartney, was released. The album has been in the works for over 11 years, complete with 42 tracks in total – all produced by Ralph Saul.
The album sees many big names striving to do a selection McCartney’s classic anthems, justice. Artists such as: Willie Nelson, B.B King, Kiss and Bob Dylan took part in the project. The songs chosen vary from ones the Liverpuldian wrote when in; The Beatles, when in Wings, and during his solo career.
The album begins with Billy Joel’s wistful interpretation of ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’. Like all tracks from the album, McCarney’s own band accompanies the song. Although this results in the album sounding very similar to the originals, each song pays great respect to the legendary musician.
Yusuf Islam covers the well known Beatles ballad, ‘The Long and Winding Road’, McCartney was inspired by the growing tension among the Beatles when writing this song. Islam did a great job of the heavyhearted track, he sang it with as much passion as if it was his own song.
Unfortunately, there are very few women involved in the album; Corrine Bailey Rae’s killer voice did a beautiful rendition of ‘Bluebird’, and Chrissie Hyndes cover of ‘Let It Be’ is expressive and sweet.
Willie Nelsons version of ‘Yesterday’ is impressive, breezy and it’s an easy listen. The same goes for Jeff Lynees cover of ‘Junk’-Every word is heeded, and carefree. “Candlesticks, building bricks, Something old and new. Memories for you and me.” As for Barry Gibbs version of McCartneys melody, ‘When I’m 64′, (wishful thinking!), it rolls effortlessly, and Gibbs’ voice suits the song remarkably.
There could have been more modern artists on this album, but the few that are, did admirable covers; Jamie Cullum does an impeccable rendition of ‘Every Night’ with Cullums jazz voice perfect for the song. It really differs from the rest of the album, being an up-to-date version of a song from McCartneys solo work.
Lead singer of The Who, Roger Daltrey, contributes a blistering version of ‘Helter Skelter’, the versatile rocker screams his way through the track in true mayhem-meets-metal spirit. One of the standout tracks for me, would be The Cures interpretation of ‘Hello, Goodbye’. Robert Smiths vocals combined with (Pauls son), James McCartney, working wonderfully, paired with the faithful drumming. It is safe to say they didn’t butcher one of my favourite Beatles songs…
Nearing the end of the album, is Dions ovation of ‘Drive My Car’. It has a happy, lively mood to it, and Dions vocals are very fitting to the song. ‘Lady Madonna’ too, has a fun, lively sound-credit to Allen Toussaint. Alice Coopers take on ‘Eleanor Rigby’ showcases his wide vocal range and was a good song choice for the tribute album.
Another key track from the compilation, is Sammy Hagars adaptation of ‘Birthday’. The rolling bass line and upbeat drumming pace, benefit Hagars thrilling vocals hugely in this song. Peter, Bjorn and John bring The Art of McCarney to a close, with an outstanding rendition of one of McCartneys later releases, a very successful song called ‘Put It There’. The song’s lyrics are based around an expression of friendship that McCartney learned from his father, “Put it there if it weighs a ton.” An excellent ending to a much awaited album.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Irish Blogger Conference

 Thanks to one of my favourite bloggers, Leanne Woodfull, I had the opportunity to attend Ireland's First Blogging Conference. (and was allowed bring a friend!)
 The event was held in The Spencer Hotel, by a company called 'Cool Events'. It was hosted by Emma O' Farrell.
 There was a panel of 8 interesting speakers, most of whom blog full-time. 
 Joanne Larby, aka, The Make Up Fairy, told her inspiring story of how she got to where she is today. Choosing between two careers she was passionate about wasn't easy, yet her website looks effortless. Her tips were excellent, especially in finding ways to gain experience.

 'It's Cherry Sue' also spoke, she talked about how being a young parent was hard, but she kept going with her blog and it got big. Now she is blogging full time, travelling the world, and a really happy person.

 Leanne Woodfull also talked, she gave excellent tips on getting readers,such as finding your niche, knowing your audience, and having really good quality pictures. 

 There was also food bloggers there who had interesting stories and top tips on having a successful blog.
 At the break between the speakers and the Q&A's/ live blog, there was a section of the room with delicious cupcakes, drinks, and new make up from brands such as Essence, Catrice and Wet'n'Wild. They very kindly let us take whatever make up we wanted. 
 We also talked to Leanne for a while before the break was over.

 The Q&A's were mainly focused on the topic of 'free' products. As Cherry Sue and Joanne pointed out, no products sent to them are free, because there is always something expected of it. They gave tips on staying honest with your readers about products you've been sent, and also how to deal with hate and negativity on your site.

Overall, it was a fun,informative event, perfect for anyone aspiring to work in a job on the creative side,along the lines of fashion /beauty or journalism.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kill It Kid Album Review: 'You Owe Nothing'

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kill it kid

Album Review: Kill It Kid – ‘You Owe Nothing’

Kill It Kid are back, and better than ever, with a brand new, meteoric album, following their previous releases – Kill It Kid and Feet Fall Heavy. In Spring 2013 the band headed to Los Angeles to start working on their third studio album, which was released earlier this month: You Owe Nothing is a guitar-driven album, full of heavy drums and grungey tones. This album is undeniably, heavily influenced by legendary grunge group, Nirvana and – at times – delivers punk-inspired offerings.

Their lead single from the album, ‘I’ll Be The First’, opens with an enticing clap that descends into lead singer, Chris Turpins, huskily chant throughout the song. The harmonies in this song are both calm and restrained, contrasting perfectly with the furious lead vocals, depicting the band’s versatility very well.

There is more to this album though; whilst the grungey, bluesy Bath four-piece offer a number of raw and raucous tracks, including ‘Don’t It Feel Good’ and ‘Sick Case Of Loving You’, others – such as ‘Cheap Revival’ – deliver a fresh take on rock with a beat you can’t resist dancing to. Then there are the softer, more mellow, songs from the album: ‘Tried Used Loved Abused’ and ‘Caroline’.

This sing-along, hard rock album flows with utter perfection, and has tunes for every mood –  whether you want to rock out, or chill out, there’s something for you.  The lyrics scream heartbreak and struggle, in an unexpected way, coming from its genre. Each track – whatever its mood –  is refreshingly honest and totally real.

Kill It Kid just keep getting better, and I  highly recommend giving You Owe Nothing a listen. You certainly won’t be disappointed listening to this excellent album.

You Owe Nothing is out now, via Sire/Warner Records.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Outfit of the Night

Black fedora
Black sheer sleeved top
Black and white tartan mini skirt
Black over the knee socks
Black creepers
Pimkie winter coat

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HELLO readers,

I am excited to tell you that i am a new writer for As my first review for the site, i was asked to review 'Octavians' new song, "Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Don't". It was published today and i should hopefully be writing for the website more!

 (check it out here)


Friday, 31 October 2014

The Strypes @ The Savoy, Cork 25/10/14

 On Saturday the 25th of October, Grace and I left for Cork to go to The Strypes gig in the Savoy Nightclub. It was on as part of the Cork Jazz Festival.
 At about 6 o'clock we got to hear soundcheck, then we queued for a bit and got into the venue. It was a really nice venue and I'd definitely go back, the balcony looked really cool but we decided to go to standing instead! We got front row in the centre and there was no barrier, so you could hop on the stage if you didn't care being thrown out by security..
 The opening act was 'Leading Armies',they definitely had unique dance moves but I can't even remember what they sounded like....we were there for The Strypes.
After we caught a glimpse of Pete at the side of the stage, they came on stage. They opened with one of my all time favourite songs: What A Shame, and then into So They Say. Evan was wearing sunglasses which was surprising since he's only worn them on stage once or twice before (I think?).
 The highlight of the set list has got to of been 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo', it was crazy and the whole front row were tossing Pete around while he crowdsurfed for ages.
 We were right in front of Ross for the whole gig, he gave us the mic, leaned down really close and gave me his guitar pic!
 They did a cover of 'Spoonful' and dedicated it to Jack Bruce, which was lovely.
 Josh used his usual excellent stage presence techniques.....eye contact, letting the crowd touch his guitar and his hand. (This was very entertaining during Blue Collar Jane).
 It was a crazy, electric, energetic and EPIC gig, not a surprise coming from The Strypes! 
 Afterwards we were chatting to them outside their tourbus and they liked the little presents we gave them. Josh insisted on taking a picture with the flash on, that's why our picture is so bright ha! Their manager is a legend too and gave us some posters, and told us some inside information about upcoming gigs and such...
 What a fun 13th gig!