Saturday, 7 February 2015


This week I did work experience in Lemons Hair and Beauty Salon. I learned a lot and had a great time, the staff were so nice they even did my hair and nails at the end of the week:
Shellac dark pink nails:

GHD curled up-do:
(Also, last weekend on my way home from 'Slam Sunday', I passed by Temple Bar Music Centre: this is the mural of BP Fallon on the Button Factory.)
How's your February going?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Queens of Groupie Fashion


So January is almost over-the month that usually entails getting back to your usual routine after christmas, and trying to plan out the year ahead..
For me? i spent the month tired, having an unbelievably short attention-span, and stressing out about my plans for the rest of the year; (work experience, school trips, subject choices....etc!).

Whilst scanning though my go-to websites, i came across an article on Vogue UK about what's big in style this season. To my surprise, it was: 'Glam Groupie Style'...
"BEING a fashion groupie has never been cooler. Never mind being in the band, the only thing you want to say is: "I'm with the band" - and the spring/summer 2015 seasons lends itself to this mind set plentifully and playfully. The culprits are Saint Laurent and Tom Ford most notably when it comes to channelling stage performance style - tour bus and after party chic from the former; Marc Bolan hair from the latter. But the spring/summer 2015 season was one underpinned by an unearthing of Seventies charm - from shaggy jackets and pioneering (when it came to height) platforms to ponchos, skinny scarves and beyond."

I think it's fantastic that this is a look that many leading designers and stylists are striving to achieve this season; i often look to bands, or even their girlfriends for inspiration. They always seem to have the most effortless of styles, but never fail to look cool.
Some band related style icons include; Pattie Boyd, Marianne Faithfull, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, Pamela Des Barres and Jane Asher.


 Modern style icons channelling the 'Glam Groupie' vibe include the 'HAIM' sisters; each one of them have killer leather jackets, denim cut-offs, studs, bed-head hair and a whole lot of musical talent.
Alexa Chung sometimes even opts for this classic look, and throws on a leather jacket, wears some kohl eyeliner, and her choppy hairdo' completes the effortless look.
When Suki Waterhouse was dating Miles Kane, i definitely think she took inspiration from the Beatles girlfriends and other sixties queens. 
(Obviously bands i like heavily influence my style; as i've previously mentioned, The Beatles, The Strypes, Ska groups, Ramones and Haim.)
Two other women to look to for true fashion inspo in this genre are Joan Jett and Debbie Harry- i think the trick is not trying too hard.

Penny Lane from the film 'Almost Famous' fits the bill for Glam Groupie perfectly, in the most breezy way. In many scenes from the film she is seen wearing a fur lined coat that is to-die-for.
Her hair is always naturally wavy, she wears gypsy blouses with mini skirts, boots with dresses, denim with glitter.... every outfit is impeccable, but easy at the same time?! I've adored her character for ages, and her style is timeless.
Not only is the film a place to get style inspiration, it gives a peek into the interesting rock groupie scene and culture from the past.


Drawing I did recently:

I might do some outfit posts in the future inspired by some of the people I've talked about, what do you think of this Glam Groupie Look? 

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 18 January 2015

January Music

This month has been pretty good..
On the 3rd of January, Grace and I got to hang out with The Turning before their debut Dublin gig in Sweeneys Bar, Dame St. 
Their mini album 'Settle For That' is amazing and i highly recommend checking it out. They have a very mod style and their sound is quite Rolling Stones esque, (and very 60's).

On the 10th i went to Battle of the Bands in The Academy, and 'Speak Easy' won. I was glad they came 1st because they were so different to the rest of the acts of the night. They were a brass band and did many interesting covers, including: 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars, 'Sun' by Two Door Cinema Club and 'Dancing in the Moonlight' by Thin Lizzy. 
Another band covered 'Hometown Girls' by The Strypes! Safe to say that was a highlight of the night..

I've listened to so many different artists this month so here's a list:

Cave Song by Pretty Vicious
Sundial by Neon Waltz
Birdhouse Blues by Travis Oaks
Sweet Little Sixteen by Chuck Berry
Fallout by Catfish and the Bottlemen
For Tomorrow by Blur
In The Heat of The Moment by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses
You Make Me Take The Weight by The Turning
Stuck on the Puzzle by Alex Turner
I Can't Explain by The Who
Hard Days Night by The Beatles

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


For part 2 of my Winter Looks, I've included a couple of blazers. I have a slight addiction to blazers I must admit... and wear them a lot.
My favourite one is this green plaid one by 'Espirit', it's quite like one Evan from The Strypes has. (he even complimented this one after a gig before!)
I find blazers so easy to wear, really handy to make a plain black outfit more interesting/add colour, and if you feel like jeans are too casual, a blazer will always make the outfit more formal.
This outfit is a pretty typical one for me:

Black top hat
White lace collared jumper
Green tartan blazer
Black quilted mini skirt
Black tights
Black heeled boots
An easy way to change the previous look, is to swap blazers and add a few badges, a studded bracelet, and sunglasses to the outfit:
This blazer is a black and white gingham one from Urban Outfitters. I bought it a few months ago after i had been eyeing it in the shop for weeks. It goes with a lot of the pieces in my wardrobe and it is handy to have all year round.

Black top hat
White wayfarers
Gingham blazer
Collared jumper
Black quilted mini skirt
Black tights
Heeled boots

Badges: The Specials, The Strypes, The Boomtown Rats & Ramones.
When you're not in the mood for a skirt, or jeans, shorts are a good option. I like wearing a pair of Levi shorts with black tights and a t-shirt for a comfier outfit.
This is a casual outfit i wear a bit:

White wayfarers
Black harrington jacket (with badges on collar)
Striped long sleeve top
Black leather belt
Denim Levi's
Black tights
Black doc's (with yellow laces for a change)

Also, here is a video from The Irish Blogger Conference I was at last year, (you can spot me in the audience with Grace!)

Monday, 12 January 2015


Hey guys! 
These are a few outfits that I have been living in all winter.

One of my must haves has definitely been my leopard print coat from H&M, it goes with almost everything.
I like it with this outfit, and with black highwaisted jeans. (And red lipstick!)

Wine fedora
Round sunglasses
Black polo neck
Leopard coat
Houndstooth mini skirt
Black tights
Saddle shoes

Or with a cap, to change it:

Friday, 9 January 2015

'Submarine' Book and Film Review.


My first book to read in 2015 was 'Submarine' by Joe Dunthorne. It's a book i had wanted to read for quite a while, because i had seen (and loved) the film and adored the soundtrack. (Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys made it, ahem..)
 First off, i think the film is better (overall) for many reasons:
-Director, Richard Ayodade, pays attention to detail beautifully.
-The cinematography; there are many scenes showing the extrordinary Welsh scenery, (as the story is set in Swansea.)
-The casting. I think the actors chosen for the film were perfectly suited to their characters. Especially the two lead roles; Oliver Tate and Jordana Bevan. Oliver has the monotonous, deep in thought expression, that was expected because of his particularly odd character. (He is one of the weirdest, funniest characters i have ever come across). Jordana has a very Anna Karina esque look about her in the film, which i love, because she is an interesting and mysterious character in the book.
-It reminded me of '(500) Days of Summer', which is another memorable film.
-The framing style is unique, and the whole film is edited in a really mystical/vintage fashion.
-It has an amazing soundtrack which i previously mentioned, created by Alex Turner. My favourite song has to be 'Piledriver Waltz', ever since i first watched the film i have loved it.

*images screen shot from film

Though i preferred the film version, the book is also very good.
 Oliver's inner monologue is on a whole other level in the book, this makes it funnier because he is such a bizarre character- but it also (in my opinion) makes me like his character less, because in the book he seems more horrible.
 The film character is much more tame and forgivable, with a good heart, whereas the book character is portrayed as a guy more on the mean side. His heartlessness makes reading it quite fascinating.
 One small difference i noticed was that in the book, Jordana blackmails Oliver with a disposable camera, and in the film she uses a polaroid.
 If you like coming-of-age stories, odd characters, diary entry style novels and some hilarious insights into characters heads; i recommend you read the book.
 If you pay attention to detail, appreciate sceneries (even a little bit), and like bizzare characters, i recommend watching the film version.
 And if you're like me, and like comparing films to books...go read and watch both!

(along with listening to the soundtrack of course..)